I am reminded by The West Wing that at least one person had succeeded in circumnavigating the globe before Mr Palin, an American journalist and author Nellie Bly; who was able to do it in an incredible 72 days.

The First Lady, Mrs Bartlett point this out to her husband in Season 2 – Episode 5: “And It’s Surely to Their Credit“. That was a little nerdy, sorry about that. Any way this record was further bettered by one George Francis Train, another American; who managed it in 67 days. George Francis Train’s earlier circumnavigations may have been the inspiration for Phileas Fogg.

However to my knowledge (which is still growing) the only person to achieve the circumnavigation from the Reform Club, to the Reform Club is Mr Palin, plus he is English, Fogg was English and so am I – you have to allow some national pride.