Now I may be wandering from the core of this blog – my dream of getting around the world, without flying in 80 days. One important thing when travelling anywhere, especially for any length of time is morale and well sanity.

I apologise if the named people are reading this or those reading this know people with the same names. I mean no offence to anyone real.

I cast you attention to a comedy sketch by Victoria Wood were Janette & Dougie are the nightmare travelling companions. We have all met someone like this – we may have even been seen as someone like this.

I remember being in one hostel on a rainy night with a few groups chatting and a couple walked in, I didn’t notice it at first, but after a few minutes I realise there were fewer people in the room, over the next fifteen minutes I realised why, one of the couple was holding court. Now there are people out there who can hold court and you want to listen and take part, this individual had an opinion on everything and I mean everything and of course it was always right. At this point I realised that the world  snoring champion  in my dorm room was not a big deal, it could be far worse.

Now I like to be polite, even when I know I don’t like someone I try to be polite and civil. This isn’t always the best idea, it wasn’t on this day. I managed to put up with it for a while and made my excuses and headed to the local pub.

Unfortunately this isn’t always an option and I do wonder what I would do if you get stuck on a train with one, or in a hostel in the middle of nowhere.

Any suggestions for these tricky situations would be appreciated.