I have crossed the Pacific once, in a 747 – its a strange experience. First of all its a long flight, at least 12 hours according to popular flight search websites, although I’m sure my flight was more like 14 hours. The best and the most confusing thing about it is time – thanks to the International Date Line you arrive before you leave.

Now I don’t like flying – I hate flying; claustrophobia, air sickness, small seats, poor food and the unavoidable loud and/or irritating fellow passengers plus I find it impossible to sleep on planes. So after a day in Auckland and 3 hours in the airport I was tired, on landing in Los Angeles we were informed the immigration computers had failed and it took me about 3 more hours to get out of the airport building and get to a mini bus to escape.

I did the sensible thing when I arrived, went to the hostel, had a shower and went out to eat, then for a few beers with a fellow traveller, getting back to my bed around midnight.

I bring this up as in my flight I experienced a few hours twice, now that was strange, but if I was avoiding planes and travelling across the Pacific by ship I would have a day twice, and that day is celebrated… I suppose the important thing is you can get a whole days travel for free – does this make it an 81 day challenge?