So with a few days left and very little else to do (except go to work) I’m thinking about travel – no surprises there!

I have been pretty tired recently (too much work and not enough sleep) – it must be affecting me as I found myself saying I would have a relaxing holiday next year – the thing is a few days later it is still on my mind.

I will be off to see my sister and her other half soon, to check out Turin and fall over on a ski slope. I have taken advantage of some sales and added a ski jacket and trousers and some decent gloves to the helmet I bought a few weeks ago. I do have gloves, but I don’t think leather leather driving gloves are going to be any good to me.

Passing over my impending injury on the Italian slopes I have been thinking ahead to other travel options this year.

  1. I would like to try will be doing some camping – probably in the Lake District, but the warmer southern coast is also an option (Somerset, Dorset and Devon) I will consult Cool Camping and more than likely do both.
  2. Europe – Baltic Coast (around Denmark, Germany and Poland)
  3. Europe – Spain, Southern France and Portugal, with a little trip over to Morocco.
  4. Europe – The Greek Islands, Crete, Cyprus that sort of thing, with a possible trip over to Turkey or the Middle East included.
  5. Europe(ish) – Adriatic Coast (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania)
  6. Eastern Block – Around and near the Black Sea.
  7. Africa – Well, just Morocco,
  8. Long Haul – A couple of my colleagues have been to Thailand recently and reminded me how great it is – but this should be more Long Shot!