One of the most important parts of any culture is food and I like that and I will try almost any thing, but there is little or no chance I will eat bugs. My sister is in in Italy at the moment and she is very worried about her lack of Italian and the chance she may accidental order something she finds less than palatable, offal.

Having followed many travelogues food is a big part and some countries are fare less squeamish than us in the west when it comes to food. Asian countries are a good example, I saw part of a food based travelogue (I think it was either Anthony Zimmerman or Anthony Bourdain)  were he ate a Japanese (delicacy) fish eye soup. Now its not the first time I’ve seen eyes eaten and there is part of me that wants to try it, but part of me is worried I will offend the host in some way if I don’t like it.

Anyway having recently found a meal does not have to contain meat (Indian food really is fantastic).  This was a bit of a revaluation as were chic peas.

There is a fantastic Billy Connolly sketch about Glace Cherries, Reindeer and Nelson Mandela, add to that Jeremy Clarkson and his regular anecdotes about exotic food he has tried (Seal and Puffin to name two). These examples are to highlight the fun I would like to have with tales of strange an exotic foods.

While on the subject of Billy Connelly he is another another excellent travelogue presenter; his World Tour of Australia is not only funny but informative and he is a very engaging (that’s the boring review bit, notice the use of stock critical words).

Thankfully I am confident I can find something to eat in any country and sometime it may well be a nice story to tell afterwards.