This is a match up I have read about, talked about, seen up from myself and experienced myself.

I once read some advice and thought “What sort of fool would do that anyway!”, the advice was along the lines of “when travelling keep your wits about you, don’t carry too much cash and keep a cash card in a secure place when ever possible”. We have all seen this and most of us (I hope) have had the same reaction I did. I went on my trip and naturally I followed this advice. Now I have a strange tradition which involves having two wallets, one for home and one for travel. That way I only take a few things out of my wallet when I go away. On my return I placed my cash card back into my home wallet, along with the space sterling I had and dug around in my bag for my money belt and pulled out my credit card, placed it back in my wallet, stuck it in my pocket and rushed out for a few drinks with friends.

Now what I noticed at some point that evening was I had broken the obvious travel rule I had mocked someone for writing down. I was walking around my home town with a load of cash and both my cards – loss of my wallet would be expensive and very inconvenient. What made this worse is I was not as alert as I would be travelling, this is my home turf, why on earth should I worry… complacency returns very quickly.

Moving away from this I find myself more open and adventurous as soon as I have my bag packed. I want to experience everything I can. Is this the normal me, put bluntly no – I tend to be more reserved and cautious, despite the differences in my wallets. This was brought to my attention by the huge source of travel related articles on the Matador Network, it was about relationships – I am not going to claim to be an expert here, but what I read rang true. What it came down to is that life is accelerated when travelling –  you leave your doubts and caution at home.

I ask myself why is real life not the same, I have no answer, does anyone reading this?

If I see something I like in a shop or in a market abroad I buy it – that is why I own a hammock – I have had it for years – one day I will use it. There is no chance I would buy one at home – I have no use for it – but when I was in Thailand it seemed like a dream come true – my own hammock.

I suppose this is me saying to myself and trying to encourage others – live real life as close as you can to the way you travel – why have a different outlook on life just change you wallet!