I do from time to time drive from my current home to my parents home, or my old home.

Generally this for a rugby match, a concert or an occasion (a Birthday or Christmas),  this weekend was a bit of both, chance to England beaten by Australia in my old local and to “tidy” a load of my old stuff. This is something that should have been done a long tome ago…

What relation does this have to travel I hear my many readers ask… well my parents have access to the Travel Channel, which I enjoy and I found my first camera.

The Travel Channel amongst other things has the fantastic Globe Trekker, check out Pilot Guides and pay particular attention to any that has the adventurous Ian Wright and the lovely Megan McCormick.

Coming to the Travel Channel soon is the Don of travel journalists, the big cheese himself, Simon Calder. He will be spending 48 hours in a city… no doubt with a bag so small you would believe he could travel with it and his folding bike!